"Yellow Garage Antiques" Chosen for
4th Dimension Movie Set

Friday, April 22, 2005



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          The Yellow Garage Antiques in Mullica Hill, New Jersey was recently used by Philadelphia film makers for scenes in the upcoming movie “The 4th Dimension”. On two snowy Mondays in late February, movie cameras, lights, sound equipment, actors and movie technicians filled the 6,500 square foot antique marketplace. “We looked at quite a few antique shops, but when we saw The Yellow Garage, we knew this was it” said co-director Tom Materra. “The space was perfect for what we needed.”

         “The 4th Dimension” was written and directed by Tom Mattera and Dave Mazzoni and is a supernatural thriller about young genius who is trying to understand his strange circumstance.  The character Jack, who is played by actor Louis Morabito of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" fame, works in an antique shop. He is surrounded by antique clocks, which plays into the time-travel theme of the movie. According to Producer Daniel Kalai, the film will be in black and white, and it will have a surprise ending.

          Co-owners of The Yellow Garage Steve Lipman and Tracy Dodge didn’t quite know what to make of the young movie makers when they first looked around the building. “We could tell they weren’t just shopping for antiques” said Tracy. “They approached us with the proposal and after we thought about, we figured we’d take a chance. It turned out that they were totally professional and truly young talent”. “Yes” Steve agreed. “It was interesting to see how much work is involved in even shooting a short scene. The crew did a wonderful job of working together, and I was really impressed with the quality of the photography. There were some long hours involved, but I think it will pay-off in the end”.

           The film makers utilized the back of the building for several scenes, and then shifted to a storage area which Production Designer Nathan Kalushner transformed into Jack’s workshop. Props were taken from the floor of The Yellow Garage and incorporated into the scenes so that little or no space was left uncovered. Steve and Tracy worked with Nathan, providing period antiques and needed props such as an antique cash register and a 1940's telephone. “By the time they were done setting up the scene, the shop looked pretty bazaar. They wanted a confused look to go along with Jack’s mental state, and they succeeded. They had everything from an Indonesian Temple guard dog to an old rag doll. We all had fun with it” said Steve.

           “This wasn’t the first time we’ve been involved with movie making” said Tracy. “We’ve supplied props for six or seven Hollywood productions, including ‘Beloved’, ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘What Lies Beneath’, ‘Signs’, and recently ‘The Village’. But this is the first time we’ve been involved with shooting a scene”.

           The Yellow Garage Antiques is home to 35 dealers and is located at 66 South Main Street in the Historic Southern New Jersey town of Mullica Hill. It is now in its 10th year and is open year ‘round Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 5pm. More information can be seen at

“The 4th Dimension” is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2006.
More information can be seen on their website

Moviemaking in "The Yellow Garage"